End of Life conversations

Purposeful Living

Start with the End in Mind

There is a lot we can be doing with this time of COVID-19 stay at home orders and self isolation. There is spring cleaning inside, post-winter yard work outside, and countless TV and on-line series to catch up on.  Of course, all of this is possible when we’re not balancing…
Christy Moe-Marek
April 16, 2020
End of Life Wisdom

As Twilight Closes In

There's a time when all of us will need to say goodbye to this world and to our loved ones. At End in Mind, we think this difficult but meaningful transition can be made a little easier if there is some clarity surrounding key decisions as life winds down. It…
Cathy Wurzer
October 7, 2019
Advance Care Directives

Crucial Conversations

I smiled when this envelope arrived in the mail. I like being known as a “Conversation Starter.” That’s what we do at End in Mind. We start conversations, not only about how you hope the end of your life goes, but how you want to live your life, even when…
Cathy Wurzer
September 9, 2019