End of Life Wisdom

End of Life Wisdom

As Twilight Closes In

There's a time when all of us will need to say goodbye to this world and to our loved ones. At End in Mind, we think this difficult but meaningful transition can be made a little easier if there is some clarity surrounding key decisions as life winds down. It…
Cathy Wurzer
October 7, 2019
End of Life Wisdom

The End IS in Mind

Death is a part of life. At End in Mind, we honor that simple fact but to be honest, it starts to feel a little different when death starts picking off people around you...a reminder that some day, you too will join the ranks of the dearly departed. I'm in…
Cathy Wurzer
August 17, 2019
End of Life WisdomGuest Blogs

The Death You Want

“Have you given any thought to how you want your end of life to go?” I gently asked my nearly-94-year-old grandma that question one afternoon as we talked about her younger brother who had died two years earlier. “I don’t want a stranger to find me.” “OK,” I said, wondering the odds…
Christy Moe-Marek
February 12, 2019