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Start The Conversation

Here’s a curated set of resources for you to use within your communities and your household.

Please use these tools freely to start thinking about what it means for you to live with the End in Mind. If you are interested in holding your own book club, TED Talk discussion, or other event and would like support, please contact info@endinmindproject.org.

The Art of Difficult Conversations

A project of End in Mind, The Art of Difficult Conversations is a virtual space for people to practice the skills necessary for having difficult conversations about the challenges we all inevitably face – from tough discussions about work or family, to talking about illness and decline, death and dying, or grief and loss. We do this by using art as a doorway into exploration.

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The Deathbed Playlist

What songs do you want to listen to during your final moments?

Enjoy The End in Mind’s community contributed playlist of over 65 songs. You can add a song to the playlist too by submitting your request below.

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