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‘Caregiver: A Love Story’ Screening and Discussion

If you’re not a caregiver now, odds are good you will be soon. New research from AARP shows more than one in five adults—a total of 53 million Americans—are now unpaid family caregivers. End in Mind is thrilled to join Pioneer PBS and the Southwest Initiative Foundation, along with several…
Christa Meland
September 28, 2021
Artful Living and DyingPurposeful Living

Real World Re-Entry

If you watch the news, it would appear many people think the COVID-19 pandemic is over. All done. It really isn't, but we ARE re-entering the orbit of something that resembles "normal" life. While the isolation has been brutal for many...downright dangerous for some...I'll admit I found relief in the…
Cathy Wurzer
June 1, 2021
Guest Blogs

Why Estate Planning is Important (Guest Post)

Estate and Probate Attorney Jen Gumbel End in Mind encourages people to have difficult conversations about death and end of life, and that includes will and estate planning. As an estate planning and probate attorney with law firm Wagner Oehler, Ltd., in Rochester, Minnesota, Jen Gumbel knows a lot about…
Christa Meland
March 15, 2021
End of Life Wisdom

Wisdom from Losing a Loved One During the Pandemic

CaringBridge CEO Liwanag Ojala As the CEO of CaringBridge—a platform that allows people to share health updates and rally around those facing serious illness—Liwanag Ojala gives advice to caregivers and patients all the time. But last fall, she experienced what it was like to navigate her own loss when her…
Christa Meland
February 22, 2021