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What We Do

End in Mind is a non-profit dedicated to helping people achieve a level of comfort and mastery with uncomfortable conversations around death and dying.

We tap the experts, then harness the power of art and storytelling to educate and inspire people to take action-whether its discussing your end of life wishes with a loved one, filling out an Advance Care Directive or reflecting on your own life’s purpose, meaning and legacy.

It’s a simple formula: Information+Inspiration=Action.


In partnership with communities across Minnesota, we amplify and ignite local initiatives surrounding healthy aging, intentional living, and end of life planning. We offer:

  • A comprehensive and customizable community engagement model complete with planning assistance, resource identification, and evaluation.
  • One-time or package events that include thoughtful discussion among experts, community leaders and community members, live music, poetry, artwork, and personal stories that shine a light on what it truly means to live with the End In Mind.
Bring Us to Your Community


We partner with organizations who want to help their employees navigate caregiver and end of life planning in a thoughtful and impactful way. We offer:

  • Consulting services for HR teams
  • Customizable digital tools and content
  • Live events and workshops
Bring Us to Your Company


Having the end in mind isn’t a checkpoint or milestone, it’s a mindset. We invite people to examine their lives, at every age and stage, by asking the question: “What does it mean to you to live with the End In Mind?”

We create thought-provoking and action-orientated digital content for anyone seeking the End in Mind mindset.

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