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Convene a Community Steering Committee

We help you establish your own local Steering Committee that consists of 15 to 30 engaged participants representing a wide range of sectors and organizations including local public health, libraries, businesses, faith-based organizations, arts community, education, healthcare and more.


Host a Leadership Luncheon

More than 30 leaders join Cathy Wurzer and the team at End in Mind for a leadership luncheon to learn about the initiative and commit to inviting their networks to the live launch event as well as offering events and activities during the forthcoming community engagement phase.


Live Launch Event with Cathy Wurzer

Cathy Wurzer hosts a live event that includes storytelling, interviews, music, poetry, healing, and more. The interactive evening encourages guests to share experiences with their neighbors and engage in future activities.


Community Engagement Phase

Your community will quickly grow to offer many public-facing events and activities spread over a community engagement period. Events include book clubs, Death Over Dinners (or Death Over Brewskis for a previous community), living will art wall, Life & Death Comedy Show, hands-on dementia experiences, caregiver support, and more!


Intergenerational Stories

Working with your local Historical Societies, your steering committee invites families to capture their family history that will be gifted to them in an audio file as well as edited and produced by Cathy Wurzer into a regional podcast.



Your guests have the opportunity to join MPR’s Cathy Wurzer for a “Get Your Act Together” retreat a beautiful and relaxing local venue, offering workshops and activities related to advance care planning, financial management, meditation, yoga, and more!


Community Celebration

The community celebration is your opportunity to showcase the meaningful work your steering committee and local community has accomplished over the engagement period. This celebration is not only the culmination of the work that your region has achieved to date but a chance to expand your work of naturalizing discussion around living intentionally and end of life planning through sustainable partnerships and meaningful connections.

Bring Us to Your Community