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Cathy Wurzer


Filling Your Tank

I’ve been thinking about the tenacity, creativity, and stamina required of caregivers. If you’ve ever been a caregiver, you may see some of yourself reflected in those words. One needs to be a tenacious advocate for an ill loved one as they try and navigate a confusing and often confounding…
Cathy Wurzer
April 18, 2023
Artful Living and DyingPurposeful Living

Real World Re-Entry

If you watch the news, it would appear many people think the COVID-19 pandemic is over. All done. It really isn't, but we ARE re-entering the orbit of something that resembles "normal" life. While the isolation has been brutal for many...downright dangerous for some...I'll admit I found relief in the…
Cathy Wurzer
June 1, 2021
Artful Living and Dying

Unfinished Business

We are marking an unusual Fourth of July holiday this year. Blame the pandemic for the lack of big backyard barbecues, beach parties and fireworks displays. I was doing my morning radio show Friday, July 3rd, and listening to a Yale historian who was talking about America being "unfinished." This…
Cathy Wurzer
July 3, 2020
Purposeful Living

Hitting Pause

As a young reporter, I had a "portable" tape recorder that was heavy, about the size of a bread box, but it had fantastic audio quality. It had quirks including a sticky pause button. When you really needed to hit the pause button, there was a 50/50 chance it would…
Cathy Wurzer
June 23, 2020