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A Dying Wish: Living Your Life Until You Can’t

When it comes to death, I’m not a fan. I know it is inevitable. I accept the undeniable truth that I won’t exist in my current form sometime in the future, but I’m not too keen on the concept of permanent obliteration. I am a big fan of talking about death…becoming wary friends with it…understanding that is another major life transition.

Avoidance isn’t a good idea.

This week, Friday, April 16, 2021, you’ll have a chance to ponder how you’d like to live your life, until you can’t anymore. It’s National Healthcare Decision Day. Ever heard about it? I hadn’t either until I started End in Mind. The day is designed to get you thinking about your end-of-life care wishes. It’s an opportunity to get that last act in order, at least as much as it is possible to do so. It means getting advance care directives, wills and other legal documents drafted so your loved ones will be saved a whole lot of time and grief after you’re gone.

We all know someone who left behind a mess and it took hours and hours and thousands of dollars to untangle the shambles. With COVID-19 sickening and then killing so many people, it is important your health providers know what kind of care you want if you can’t speak for yourself. Not sure how to start? We are fans of the Conversation Project. Check out their resources. If you’re in Minnesota, we think the University of Minnesota Extension Service did a fine job with their on-line tool-kit.

Look at these resources and start thinking about your wishes. Write them down and then get on with the business of living your one precious and all too brief life. Your advance care directive is a great parting gift.


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  • Cathy,
    The book comes out July 13 with your story in it and your endorsement on it!
    WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW OLD? : The Path of Purposeful Aging by Richard Leider & David Shapiro []Berret-Koehler, 2021]
    The last chapter features the ULTIMATE CONVERSATION and how to have one.
    How about doing a fundraiser for EIM?
    I could do a webinar, hosted by you, also with Q & A. We could give the book as part of the fee.
    Or, other ideas…?

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