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Crucial Conversations

By September 9, 2019October 30th, 2019Advance Care Directives

I smiled when this envelope arrived in the mail.

I like being known as a “Conversation Starter.” That’s what we do at End in Mind. We start conversations, not only about how you hope the end of your life goes, but how you want to live your life, even when the inevitable illness, disability, whatever dis-ease you’re dealing with throws you for a loop.

In the envelope, a new friend sent me some fun note cards, a small notebook, a pen and a fine to-do list including “ignite passion.” That’s exactly what we hope our End in Mind programs do. Ignite in people a passion and exploring new ways to live your life with greater intention and purpose. Not only right now, but all the way through your last breath.

Let’s face it. We are on this Earth for what amounts to an eye blink.  Don’t sleep-walk through your allotted time here.

These aren’t easy conversations to have.  There’s some serious soul searching involved and uncertainty about how to even begin the conversation.

We’re here to help.

We’ve already ignited lasting conversations about living and dying with well being in several Minnesota cities with our live events and we’re planning to bring the End in Mind message to other communities in 2020.

There’s a list of more than 30 Minnesota communities that want us to work with them. These are stories that should be heard and conversations that need to happen in ALL communities.

We’re creating thought provoking digital downloads and we’re launching a new podcast later this fall! Quality work isn’t cheap. It’ll take more than $200,000 to make sure we can serve more people and more communities in unique ways.

I’m proud to be a “conversation starter.” I want you to be one too.

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