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Thanks from and for the heart!

I was talking to a friend recently about our lives in this time of pandemic. It’s clear that many people are at peak emotional saturation after weeks of being inundated with news of a deadly virus that continues to circulate in our midst.

It’s been difficult to watch vitriolic anger over the economic shutdowns in many states, see the exhaustion on the faces of front line medical workers and feel the terrible sadness over the deaths of people who left us too soon.  During this time, one of the attitudes I’ve worked to strengthen is gratitude. Research shows that gratitude is good for your heart and spirit. It is consistently associated with greater happiness, good health and ability to deal with the tough stuff in life.   

Gratitude helps connect me to something larger than my puny self, whether that’s to other humans, nature or God.

I have a “Gratitude Jar” at home where each day, I’ll write something down that I’m thankful for. There is a little pile of paper slips in that old blue glass Ball jar.

I’ve added scraps of written gratitude that at this point, I’m still (pretty) healthy and so are my family members and close friends. I’m grateful that I have a job when so many do not. I’m incredibly grateful that more people are finding value in the work of End in Mind, so much so that they’ve made an important decision to invest in what we’re doing. We just finished a spring fundraising effort that resulted in more people making contributions which triggered an even larger gift of $25,000 from the George Family Foundation.

My heart’s about ready to burst with gratitude and joy and that’s one cardiac condition I’m thrilled to have!




  • Judy Johnson says:

    Kathy, you are such a gift to me and to us here in Minnesota! My Friday evenings are saved around your programming. But it isn’t just the programming. You also express your compassion in your smiles and how you communicate with others. To read how important Gratitude is in your life affirms who you are and your expressions with those around you. i thank you for this affirmation, because I believe gratitude is life giving. Blessings!

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