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By March 13, 2020March 16th, 2020News, Purposeful Living

We have an idea! Who’s with us on this!?!

In a tumultuous and frightening week, I wrote about this moment in our lives and how it could serve as catalyst for change. I was thinking about the tenets of this organization, End in Mind Project. Our emphasis on honest conversations, community and connection around tough subjects resonates in these uncertain and scary times.

Today, as #covid19 spreads, and we are called to stay at home and isolate ourselves to #flattenthecurve, what about those who are already socially isolated?? How can the rest of us connect with them and build virtual community for them and us?    

End in Mind suggests picking a nursing home, assisted living center or other long term facility near you and sending a letter or postcard to a resident. Address it “Dear Friend” and go from there. Tell them you’re thinking about them and hope they’re doing ok. Tell them a little about yourself. Leave a return address or email and see where this goes. Sounds silly or stupid? Let’s just give this a try.

Go to the End in Mind Facebook page or leave a message here if you decide to send a note. Take a photo of your letter or postcard. We will post it on line and keep track!

We want to see the ripples of this and because in today’s digital world, where every effort/movement or appeal seems like it needs a hash tag, here’s ours!  #connecting2gether

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