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We ignite transformative conversations in communities about intentional & purposeful living now and through the end of life.

Living With Podcast Episode #2

You often hear politicians promising they’ll fight for constituents if they get to the statehouse or Capitol Hill but what happens when the fight isn’t over politics or policy… it’s a life or death battle with cancer being the foe.

In this episode of “Living With…The End in Mind,” host Cathy Wurzer talks with former Minnesota United States Senator Norm Coleman about his multiple year battle with cancer and how it has focused his life.

Watch to learn what End in Mind is about and how we engage communities and individuals to live more and fear less.
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Ruminations on an “Open Ended Life”

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I'll also admit that in spite of my comfort in talking about death and dying, when faced with a potentially deadly situation, I got a big, cold slap upside the head by the Universe and was reduced to a trembling puddle of fear.

A toast to 2019!

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While our name might reflect conclusion or resolution, 2019 was a mix of that and lots of bright beginnings for the End in Mind Project. 2019 marked the launch of End in Mind as a 501c3, not-for-profit organization with a spiffy new logo and moniker PLUS both are trademarked!  We…