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End in Mind takes the universal experience of dying to help you re-imagine what it means to live fully at any stage of life.

We’re back and this time with the story of a well known television news anchor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who has beaten back cancer not once, but twice. How KARE-11’s Randy Shaver is living with purpose, vibrancy and hope.

Tell us your story!

How are you living through #Covid19 if you have a serious illness or are the caregiver of someone who is living with serious disease or even terminal illness? How is your life different and what are you discovering about yourself?

Please tell us your name and where you’re calling from.

How Pregnancy Losses Gave Way to Gratitude, Renewed Purpose

| Healing Stories and Storytelling, Purposeful Living | No Comments
When my husband and I were ready to have a child, we both assumed that it would be easy for me to become pregnant, and that the following year, we’d have a baby in our arms. After nine months of trying, we got the news we were hoping for. We…

What I Learned Planning for the End

| Advance Care Directives | No Comments
“Do you want us to buy you a burial plot?” The question from my parents caught me completely off-guard. I was in my 20s at the time—healthy, focused on my career, newly married, and looking forward to eventually having children. Dying and death were the furthest things from my mind.…

The Beauty in Falling Free

| Artful Living and Dying, Purposeful Living | No Comments
Photo courtesy of Jan Selby This will sound like heresy, but I hate autumn. Of course, I appreciate the kaleidoscope of color and Mother Nature really can put on a show, but I'm a child of summer and my mood drops along with the leaves. No amount of pumpkin spice…

The Paradox of Change

| Purposeful Living | No Comments
There’s something about soaking in the fullness of summer that invites a lull; the proverbial lazy hazy days of summer. Yet, given the ongoing pandemic restrictions, and the turbulence of sending the kids back to school (wherever and however that may be), many of us are experiencing that lull layered…

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