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End in Mind takes the universal experience of dying to help you re-imagine what it means to live fully at any stage of life.

In this special series of conversations, we talk about planning for the end of life with advance care directives but also explore the larger questions around living and dying.

So, you’ve written an advance care directive. You’ve made it clear, you think, about the kinds of medical care you want should you get sick with Covid-19 or you’re in the midst of a medical crisis. Will your wishes be followed? We talk with two bioethics experts.

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How are you living through #Covid19 if you have a serious illness or are the caregiver of someone who is living with serious disease or even terminal illness? How is your life different and what are you discovering about yourself?

Please tell us your name and where you’re calling from.

Wanna Talk?

| Advance Care Directives | No Comments
You've read the news stories of sick people going into an ER, being admitted, and then dying of COVID-19. Hospitals are recommending people fill out advance care directives that can help doctors understand your preferences for health care if you can't talk for yourself. March 26th, 2020—Brooklyn, NY: Scenes from…

Let’s Talk about It

| Advance Care Directives, Purposeful Living | No Comments
I don’t know about you, but it seems like the days are starting to find their own rhythm. Perhaps not quite a “new normal” – that will undoubtedly take much more time – but they’re taking on a pace and flow I’m beginning to recognize as more familiar than not.…

Thanks from and for the heart!

| Purposeful Living | 2 Comments
I was talking to a friend recently about our lives in this time of pandemic. It's clear that many people are at peak emotional saturation after weeks of being inundated with news of a deadly virus that continues to circulate in our midst. It's been difficult to watch vitriolic anger…

Connection and Community in a time of COVID. (A guest blog from Shari Lamke)

| Uncategorized | One Comment
How do we stay connected while also doing our part to #flattenthecurve and socially distance ourselves? These are clearly unprecedented times and they need unprecedented measures by each and every one of us. But humans by nature crave human interaction. How do we stay safe AND stay connected? I have…

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