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End in Mind

Live More. Fear Less.
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We empower people to proactively prepare for their death, so they are inspired to live a more fearless, intentional life today.

A project of End in Mind, The Art of Difficult Conversations is a virtual space for people to practice the skills necessary for having difficult conversations about the challenges we all inevitably face – from tough discussions about work or family, to talking about illness and decline, death and dying, or grief and loss. We do this by using art as a doorway into exploration.

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In Our Hearts

A mosaic reflects the beauty in what’s broken. It takes the shards of what was and transforms them into something vibrant and new.
Our lives are mosaics of loss, but loss can lead to growth, new insights and new beginnings. Our digital mosaic honors loved ones who’ve died and the lessons they taught us.
We also salute those who live with meaning and inspiration at any stage of life. Make a donation in a loved one’s memory.
William Lindberg in honor of Honor Bob Willey

Debbie Schmidt in honor/memory of Laura Petrofski, Allie Martin, Tom Tulien, Helen Jordan, Kathy Hagen, and all suffering from grief and loss.

Brian Engdahl in memory of Raina Eberly

Terrence Meersman in honor of Carmen De La Hoz

Randy Miranda in honor of Tyra Hughes

Allison DeCamillis, in honor of Deed & Tony DeCamillis and Jack & Sue Pratt

Carolyn Piepho, in memory of Joyce Kathleen Driscoll Rundle

Nick Koch, dedicated to all those who grieve loved ones

Patricia McMorrow, in memory of Michael Bischoff

Jodi Melsness, in memory of her mom, Jeanne Lundell

Norman and Andrea Cohen, in honor of Sam Stern & Cathy Wurzer

Johannes Allert, dedicated to Charles and Hazel Allert

Sam Stern, in honor of Cathy Wurzer

Cheryl Hagen, Dedicated to Gay Noble

Lori Williams, in honor of all our hospice patients and their loved ones

In memory of George L Chavez, Jr.

Barb Reuter

Lou Sandler, Thinking of you and Lou... missing the chance to give you a hug.

Dennis Turner

Remembering John Bramming

Joyce Kathleen Rundle

Jim Davis of Bethesda, Maryland who passed in December from COVID-19

Father, Doug Knowlton (04/26/1943 - 04/01/2019) & loyal family dog, Koda (02/14/2008 - 03/14/2020)

Steve Lufkin

Chris Shepard

Edith Miller

Carmen De La Hoz

Julie Benson; In honor of Hospice & Palliative care teams who tirelessly serve those with serious illness and at the end of life.

Barbara Brown: In memory of Michael Mayer, beloved brother.

Elizabeth Coenen: In memory of John Duggan, MD.

Lisa Haefs: Dedicated to mom.

Christy Moe Marek: In memory of my soul sister Laura who continues to inspire me to keep a possibility mindset no matter what, and to share it with others!

Jodi Melsness: Dedicated to my mom, Jeanne.

Sharon Radd: In honor of Bruce Kramer.

Stacie Saunders: In honor of Mark Saunders.

Jan Selby: In memory of my wonderful dad.

Michael Broeker: In honor of George L. Chavez, Jr.

Georgie Wurzer: In memory of Richard Wurzer.

In Memory of: Rosemary Alley... who taught me not to fear death, but to live life.

Raina Eberly: In your memory. You, who during your long struggle, taught us so much on our journey with you.

Carmen showed those around her how to live through her courage and grace in dying.

With love, in honor of the wonderful work my friend Cathy is doing to make this world a better place.

Will I Make a Passing Grade?

| Guest Blogs, Purposeful Living | No Comments
By Richard Leider “To be what is called happy, one should have (1) something to live on, (2) something to live for, and (3) something to die for. The lack of one of these results in drama. The lack of two results in tragedy.” (Cyprian Norwid, Polish poet) The life…

Filling Your Tank

| Caregiving | No Comments
I’ve been thinking about the tenacity, creativity, and stamina required of caregivers. If you’ve ever been a caregiver, you may see some of yourself reflected in those words. One needs to be a tenacious advocate for an ill loved one as they try and navigate a confusing and often confounding…

Retirement Reimagined (Guest Post)

| Artful Living and Dying, Guest Blogs, Purposeful Living | One Comment
By Richard Leider What kind of life do you envision at 50? 60? 70? 80? 100? Will you retire? Should you retire (ever)? When is the right time to retire? What will be the defining purpose of your days? Instead of narrowing your focus as you age, will you widen…

Acceptance, Gratitude, and Change

| Food for thought, Purposeful Living | One Comment
Recently, a beloved friend texted me the sad news that his father had died. “It’s over,” he wrote. “Shikata Ga Nai.” He is right. Shikata Ga Nai is the Japanese phrase for “It cannot be helped,” or “Nothing can be done about it.” For those of us who like to…

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