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The arts offer a safe, sacred space to explore living and dying; transforming pain into growth and healing.

Pandemic Poetry

How to Handle Personal Mail in a Pandemic,
Steve McCown
Isolation View from a Window,
Becky Boling
Shelter in Place,
Rob Hardy
I am Content, David Walters
Covid 19 Variations, Rob Hardy
Other Side of the Wall, Becky Boling
For Sean, DE Green
Dance with Memories, Julie Ryan
A Gift from Covid-19, David Walters

Creative Conversations

The End in Mind Project believes art can be used to open difficult conversations around uncomfortable topics like loss, serious illness and end of life. Art also heals and can help us sort through our emotions and help us grow.

As the #Covid19 virus sweeps the world and we are living in an even more uncertain world, full of worry and stress, our founder Cathy Wurzer passes along one thing she tries to do daily that helps curb her stress.