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Why Does This Matter?

By November 12, 2019News

I can clear out a cocktail party when someone asks what I’ve been doing outside of my radio and TV work. The raised eyebrows and nervous chuckles after I tell them about the End in Mind mission to transform the public conversation around death and dying sometimes gets a polite “Wow. That’s interesting…”and they start looking for the snacks.

But when I continue to talk about how acknowledging death can change lives and lessen the fear we all have about our mortality, then the mood switches. Everyone has a story about how a loved one’s death went and how they don’t want a repeat of that for their ending.

Stories. Everyone has them! If there’s anything I’ve learned in my long career in journalism is that storytelling is the most powerful way to connect, to learn and to understand. Everything we do at End in Mind is infused with storytelling. I just got done doing the first episode of our new podcast “Living With…” That story is about a young woman, a beautiful young woman, who has an inoperable brain stem tumor but she’s decided that tumor will need to live with her, not the reverse, so she’s living her dream of being an actress and model in Los Angeles. She plans to live until she can’t.

You see, while this non-profit that I founded talks about the end, we’re also about the now. How do you want to live now…all the way through the end? What tools do you need to spark different thinking so you can live your life with all the good stuff…with inspiration, with meaning, with purpose and passion? We’re working on that. We’re working on your stories. We’re working on how we can make a difference in YOUR life. We’ve worked in six different Minnesota cities so far and we want to work in more in 2020.   

Thursday, November 14th is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota. (#GTMD19) It’s our first time in such a large public giving effort. We really haven’t asked individuals to give…until now. Remember this as you give to End in Mind Thursday.  Every conversation, every contribution matters. 

Here’s the link to give right now: https://www.givemn.org/organization/End-In-Mind-Project

Thank you!

Cathy Wurzer


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