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The Pandemic Playlist

My dear friend Bruce Kramer found solace in music as he lived his life with ALS. He was a wonderful musician and he had an amazing collection of playlists. One that was most poignant was simply titled “Sniffles” and he’d dip into it when he was feeling low.

I’m finding it’s hard to relax in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. Sleep, always difficult for me, is uneven and dreams are usually related to this damned virus.

So, I think we need to crowd source a playlist of music that soothes and uplifts. I’m no expert so I’m relying on you.

Respond to this post and let us know the calming, healing or uplifting music you’re listening to that’s helping you navigate these difficult times.



  • Rob Hardy says:

    Any symphony of Haydn will cheer me up, but for the playlist, how about Symphony No. 96 (“The Miracle”)? I’ve also discovered that, if I want to calm myself down, I listen to Nat King Cole. Reportedly, when Frank Sinatra wanted to relax at home, he would listen to Nat King Cole. His voice is like aural blood pressure medication. The song “Answer Me” calms me down in a jiffy. And for uplift, I recommend Irish folk singer Cara Dillon’s rendition of the old Appalachian folk hymn, “Bright Morning Star” (https://youtu.be/swVXkvi_fu4).

  • Johannes R. Allert says:

    Where to begin? Several orchestral and choral numbers exist that provide solace, inspiration, contemplation.

    I love choral music and in relation to your sleepless nights, Eriks Envalds’ arrangement entitled “Only in Sleep” performed by the Trinity College Choir sets the bar for its dreamlike quality. The music and accompanying video are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvPynMI6Umc

    Another compelling and more recognizable piece is Edgar Algar’s iconic Nimrod from “Enigma Variations” combines both sadness and hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUgoBb8m1eE

  • Ruth Hovland says:

    Music and nature is what is soothing my very unsettled heart during this pandemic. Finding they both reach deeply into something I am struggling to name. Here are two pieces that call me back home over and again:
    A New Satiesfaction by Made in Berlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt7BTikgQTs
    The Mission Main Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oag1Dfa1e_E

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