Advance Care Directive Information

Advance Care Directives

Wanna Talk?

You've read the news stories of sick people going into an ER, being admitted, and then dying of COVID-19. Hospitals are recommending people fill out advance care directives that can help doctors understand your preferences for health care if you can't talk for yourself. March 26th, 2020—Brooklyn, NY: Scenes from…
Christy Moe-Marek
May 21, 2020
Advance Care Directives

Pondering the End

I'm a broadcaster. I rarely get to see, much less talk to my audience so it's never clear how my work affects them unless I get a thank- you message or hate mail.` At End in Mind, we try to follow up with people who attend our live community events…
Cathy Wurzer
August 28, 2019
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The Death You Want

“Have you given any thought to how you want your end of life to go?” I gently asked my nearly-94-year-old grandma that question one afternoon as we talked about her younger brother who had died two years earlier. “I don’t want a stranger to find me.” “OK,” I said, wondering the odds…
Christy Moe-Marek
February 12, 2019