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Connection and Community in a time of COVID. (A guest blog from Shari Lamke)

By April 23, 2020Uncategorized

How do we stay connected while also doing our part to #flattenthecurve and socially distance ourselves? These are clearly unprecedented times and they need unprecedented measures by each and every one of us. But humans by nature crave human interaction. How do we stay safe AND stay connected?

I have struggled lately with the chaos surrounding me, as I’m sure you all have. Fighting off the fear buying that seems to be consuming so many of us.

Walking down store after store aisle with empty shelves. Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, pain relief medication, all gone. One friend told me he even saw a woman put every single package of ground beef in her cart, he asked if he could have just one of them, she snapped “no” and wheeled her cart away.

I’ve also seen people connect via technology offering to get supplies for the vulnerable wishing to stay safe inside their homes. Little shared book shelves outside homes now becoming little pantry shelves. Take what you need, share what you can.  The many artists with cancelled paid performances around the world taking to livestreaming for free to provide healing words, music and art. 

These trying times bring out the worst in humanity but also the best.

I began working part time with the End in Mind Project in January. I knew of the work Cathy Wurzer was leading to inspire folks to live more and fear less, even when facing a diagnosis that may put a time limit on their remaining days. In these unprecedented times, I feel truly blessed to work for an organization so dedicated to bringing the best of humanity to a wider platform. We really need that right now.

Tell us what would help you stay connected while socially distancing. Let’s make sure what this difficult time reveals is the better angels of our nature.

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