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Guest Blogs

Keeping the End in Mind

((This is from our good friend Michael Bischoff of the Health Story Collaborative. Michael is living with a brain tumor. He was gracious in taking the time to join us at our recent End in Mind Shakopee event)) Last week I had a brain surgery that confirmed a recurrence of…
Michael Bischoff
November 13, 2018
Guest Blogs

Reminders of Impermanence

Reminders of Impermanence By Christy Moe Marek “I’m in an ambulance on my way to the hospital,” my husband told me as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. “Wait. You’re what?” was all I could think of to say. It was almost 2:00am as I lay in a…
Christy Moe-Marek
October 22, 2018

New Name. New Look. New Beginnings.

In March of 2015, as my friend Bruce Kramer was dying, in making one final request, he asked me to look for the "ripples" in our work together.  After nearly five years of radio interviews and a book,  I couldn't see anything else to do until The Convenings was launched…
Cathy Wurzer
September 25, 2018
Guest Blogs

Message Received

Message Received By Christy Moe-Marek “I heard my mother talking to me yesterday,” a client recently told me. “I was half asleep and I had just been talking about her, so it was probably nothing. I’m sure it was just a dream,” her tone quieted in the telling and her…
Christy Moe-Marek
August 17, 2018
Guest Blogs

The Playfulness of the Unknown

The Playfulness of the Unknown By Christy Moe Marek The other night, while enjoying dinner with my dad and bonus mom on the deck sweetly nestled in the treetops of the woods behind our house, we chatted about our dogs and the grief of outliving them when our love together…
Christy Moe-Marek
July 23, 2018
Guest Blogs

A Space for Grace to Enter

A Space for Grace to Enter by Christy Moe Marek The stillness of a recent early summer morning found me in the garden. As I tended and planted and otherwise lost myself in creation, I heard rustling behind me and turned to find my dog Ritter belly up, rolling around…
Christy Moe-Marek
June 16, 2018