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A Puddle of Angels

By January 29, 2020News

I was thinking of the old Beatles song “With a Little Help from my Friends” during the recent End in Mind retreat held at a beautiful facility near Excelsior, Minnesota. 

We convened a group of smart, creative and soulful visionaries to chart an exciting future for our little non-profit. One participant said it felt as if she was plopped into a “puddle of human angels” when she arrived, such was the energy at the gathering. I agree! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the mission and vision of End in Mind and how we help people get comfortable with the uncomfortable: death, dying and loss. Acknowledging and then navigating the messy emotions and stages of those tough and guaranteed life transitions can help change your life. We’ve been thinking about the HOW of what we do. How are you changed when you engage with us? How does that happen? What has to happen? 

My new friends who came from Wisconsin, Duluth, Mankato, and throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area offered their take on our work and ideas on how to serve society by trying to change how our culture talks about death and dying. I was honored and grateful they gave up a weekend on behalf of End in Mind. 

I can’t wait to share the results! 

(Thanks to Sam Stern, Craig Neal and Brett Long for the photos!)

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